Holistic Property Development is the creation of economically successful real property guided by the principle of attaining optimal liveability / usability in terms of personal well-being and community sustainability.

1. Architectural Aesthetic
lift the human spirit; complement the surroundings

2. Material/Spiritual Balance
adhere to our "holistic property development" principle

3. Beyond Sustainability
use/create the most advanced regenerative materials, systems, and practices for environmental sustainability, and enhance community security - its interlocking economic, social, and environmental well-being

4. Health & Wellness
build to enhance air, water, light, fitness, and comfort

5. Green Urbanism
emulate "Smart Growth" practices - promote balanced anti-sprawl intensification

6. Social Consciousness
acknowledge/respect the values and needs of all stakeholders

7. Inclusive Visioning
use interactive, multi-disciplinary project conceptualization authentically reflecting individual and group values

8. Complementary Currency
deliver responsive, equitable exchange of benefits/needs between community and project elements